One of the main challenges for pregnant women is maintaining their income level during maternity leave period and beyond. According to a study from Slater and Gordon from London, around 28% of the mothers that come to work believe they are discriminated, that’s why more than 2/3 of all mothers stay away from telling their bosses about their pregnancy. Finding a way to earn a good income without worrying about any possible downsides during pregnancy is a very good idea. But how can you do that?

Earning cryptocurrency during pregnancy

Pregnancy Tracker, a popular healthtech app that provides clinically verified recommendations and tips to millions of expectant mothers around the world, plans to tackle this problem by offering moms-to-be an alternative source of income. As moms are very active online content creators, communicators and shoppers, Pregnancy Tracker plans to financially reward its users for engaging with companies and popular brands that currently advertise their products inside the mobile app. For example, via Pregnancy Tracker’s platform brands will be able to pay mothers around $1 or even more for each post they create about their products on social media. This way companies can attracts millions of new fans around the world who understand, share and promote their brand DNA and values.

This dream became the reality thanks to the development of Baby Token — Pregnancy Tracker’s native cryptocurrency that made 3 major improvements over traditional loyalty and rewards programs.

First, unlike “loyalty points” that many other companies use to reward their users for certain actions, Baby Tokens can be transferred outside the app and converted to cash. Most of people want to earn more than just discounts and product samples, they want to spend their earned money the way they like, not necessarily the way a loyalty website offers. Baby Tokens give moms full flexibility: they can save Baby Tokens on a savings account for their baby, convert them in cash via a cryptocurrency exchange, or buy products offered at the in-app shop.

Second major innovation comes from the fact that using blockchain anyone can transfer any amount of value at very little costs. This is possible because financial transactions are recorded directly into a global database without any intermediaries such as banks, payment systems and managers. Therefore, using Baby Token any company can make thousands of one-dollar payments to different people around the world and pay just few dollars in commissions. Similarly, moms can get and cash out their rewards immediately, the payments cannot be stopped, blocked, lost or delayed.

Finally, thanks to Baby Token, global brands received an opportunity to make direct and instant financial transactions with millions of families. Now brands can instantly reward their loyal customers in any location of the world for providing valuable consumer data, visiting their stores, completing on-site reviews, assessing their new products.

Using Baby Tokens companies can reward their customers for physical actions

Since the beginning of 2020 Pregnancy Tracker opened over 500,000 cryptocurrency wallets and now makes several thousand micro transactions every day rewarding people for various activities inside the app.

Smart approach to influencer marketing

It’s safe to say that all companies want promotion and they want their name in front of as many customers as possible. To achieve this goal many brands work with celebrities and popular to promote their products online. However, this approach has several disadvantages.

First, despite many people look up to celebrities and their lifestyle, not many people trust their consumer choice. Everyone knows that celebrities receive a lot of money to post ads on Instagram and they don’t even write those posts themselves. However, most of people trust their own peers, especially if she is an expectant mother who values her SNS friends and followers.

Companies can recruit millions of families as their brand ambassadors

Second, why spend $10,000 on a single Instagram post, if you can pay this money to 10,000 people and get a much larger media exposure? By engaging thousands of families into their marketing campaigns brands can build an earnest public’s trust in their products and make millions new customers who would like to try them.

Finally, having a strong celebrity endorsement is awesome for your product …until it’s not. History has shown that firms tend to suffer financially when a celebrity endorser becomes mired in scandal. For example, just a few weeks after the scandal with Tiger Woods, companies that used Woods in advertisements lost $12 billion as share prices fell. In this respect building your influencer marketing strategy based on thousands and millions individual brand ambassadors looks like as a much safer and reasonable alternative.